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Mar 26, 2013 6:00am EDT
said what about a car? he said i'm not old enough to dry. >> start a trust fund for his education. >> start your own trust fund for your education. he's still got a year and a half to go. >> in high school. >> is he going to commute? we asked him that. i don't remember what his answer was. that's right. he was trying to finish school. >> it comes so naturally. i do think it's easier for that generation. >> not that easy. that kid was smooth. >> he is. but you understand. how many apps on your iphone? i have an ncaa. i follow the scores. that's it. and skiing thing. i find out when the snow in, you know, copper. >> that's all you really have? >> yeah. >> you were ordering black cars when -- where is your car? you were ordering black cars when people didn't know what they were. >> uber. >> it's pretty cool to call and there is one in the neighborhood. great business model. pandora. >> you have pandora. >> no, i don't. no. >> moving along here. >> steve cohen. >> that's interesting. >> page 6 this morning. >> this is new york post, page 6. >> disclaimer because we don't know what it
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
, in france and in europe, the level of education for people is very high. so we have a very, very strong, you know, population to work. we have very strong infrastructure. so it's also a big place to invest. >> are you a supporter of holland and some of the things he's done? >> well, you know, they've done a few things. i would love to have more to be done, to be done because i think, again, france needs to be more attractive. >> are you rooming with -- >> i thought he was in russia now. >> even though he's an honorary citizen. >> we have a lot of business in europe, in russia, actually, and we are citizens of the world. >> that's a good answer. >> that's a good answer. >> very slippery. >> you spent a lot of time on diversity in women. >> yeah. >> and women in the workplace, given cheryl samberg's new book is a real issue. >> yeah. >> have you read the book? >> no, i've not read the book, but i've heard about the book, yep. >> the reason i ask -- >> what were you going to say? >> i have another question when you're done. >> the reason i was going to ask was whether you agree with
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2